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Being the 5th child out of a very large family of 8, from the very beginning I was determined to be he best of the best of the boys and soon the entire troop. The art of competition was what we ate for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. We were born with the natural desire to love to be loved!

I met my Soul Mate my wife, my Friend and if the way to a Man's heart is through his stomach then this was a match made in heaven, the good food, and all the great laughs brought me the youngest of a larger family than mine and so the beginning of "Big Food, Big Laughs and two Big families became one Huge family. The Taylor and Clark family picnic became an annual event.

At one of the Taylor-Clark family picnic my eldest Uncle whom turned 90 years younger came up to me and said Son That "Q" is almost as good as the King of Q! I replied "and who is the King of "Q"? He smiled and boasted that you don't know who the King of Q is? Well son its time that you knew, you're looking at the King of Q! One day I'm going to show you how to be the King of Q'in. Since my favorite Uncle the King is still among us, out of respect I will gladly accept the title of the "Doctor Of Q'in"

Once the Doctor started curing all the bad habits that people make when Q'in his desire and the Art of Perfection was his drive for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Now the King of Q, proudly brags and boasts about his favorite nephew "Doc's Q'in Pit Stop, go see the Doctor!!!!

Doc has been Q'in every since! Now everyone can enjoy this good food, and the best laughter in town!

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